Wireless Park Assist with 4 sensor reverse parking system




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The Wireless Park Assist is a 4 sensor reverse parking system which features an accurate, easy-to-read LED display, indicating the exact distance to an object behind your vehicle. Allowing you to park confidently to within 30cm. An audible beeping tone will also alert you and advise you of the distance to the obstruction.

Developed in conjunction with the world's leading sensor manufacturer, and designed specifically for Australian conditions, the Park Assist deliver superior performance and proven reliability .


  • 21mm recessed sensor head
  • Leading ultrasonic detection technology
  • Fast, accurate performance
  • LED distance display
  • Audible beeping alert (can also be turned off)
  • Automatically engages when applying reverse gear.
  • Can be fitted in any bumper type
  • Programmable to ignore tow-bars