Wireless Auto-Dial Home/Office Alarm System




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·      Blue LCD displays of all settings, functions, and information.

·      Full compliance with ADEMCO Contact ID

·      3. 85 event log about arming, disarming, and alarming (with time and date stamp), viewable  

·      Sn2300 is a powerful landline alarm supporting the international protocol--Adecco Contact ID, the Adecco contact ID can report all the messages to the monitor centre, including: Fire alarm, burglar alarm, Panic alarm (Stay arm zones alarm), Emergency alarm (SOS), medical alarm, tamper alarm, Pin code wrong 3 times alarm, Main fails alarm, Arm, Disarm, Periodical test (once 24 hours), t


ALARM functions for the panel:

·      85-event log about arming, disarming, and alarming. When alarming, the time, zone number and detector number could be viewable on the LCD

·      When working with Centre Station through Adecco Contact ID, the panel can set to speak: after alarm date transmitted, the center station operator can speak directly with the user to make sure whether it is a real alarm or just simply a false alarm, when not working with Center Station, when the panel alarms and auto dial, the user can listen in, speak, sound siren, disarm remotely from users phone.

·      6 groups timed auto arm/disarm, Away/Stay arm optional

·      Every zone can be programmed separately, it can set to be: watchdog zone, exit/entry delay, 24 hours zone, sounder/silent when alarming, armed/part-armed zone. E.g. we can set zone 3 with delay timer, zone 4 without delay, or zone 2 is 24 hours zone, while zone 3 is normal zone, etc.

·      Every detector can be set to doorbell when disarmed, every detector can be set to locally alarm (do not dial out) when triggered in disarmed mode

·      Every remote can be set to request assistance siren on/off

·      Siren could be set to sound when away arming

·      When using our pir, ceiling mount pir, directional pir and vibration sensor, these sensors can display low voltage on the LCD and should beep

·      Unique watchdog function; monitor the old, patient or important place. When one zone is set to be watchdog zone, during a programmed time, if the sensor not triggered, then the panel would alarm

·      Built in rechargeable battery which backs up 12 hour when main fails;

·      Built-in siren, and timer Ice, the time keeps right after power off

·      Remote control, listen in, speak, arm, disarm, or turn on/off the siren from a remote phone