Wind Resistant LED Umbrella With Torch




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Vendor: Bdirect Shop


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  • Futuristic black umbrella with LED light-up shaft
  • Separate torch in the base of the handle. Operated by a push button in the base.
  • Fully sprung mechanism to easily put the umbrella up and down with no latches or catches.
  • LED Flashlight to guide user while raining and/or walking in the dark or whenever user needs assistance when it is raining and user needs light at the same time
  • Wind resistant: Will invert in extreme wind, but will ‘pop’ back into place with no damage
  • Made with unique craftsmanship spring stretchers to strengthen the frame and prevent umbrella damage in the wind
  • Color:Black 
  • Button on/ off control
  • Lighting mode:steady or changing color
  • Battery:3 x AAA batteries not included