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·         Shake ‘n Take handheld smoothie maker

·         Includes national delivery

·         Personal-sized and portable smoothie maker

·         Half-litre sports-bottle style holder

·         High-capacity motor powered by a standard plug outlet

·         Ideal as a gift

·         Personal-size blender doubles as a portable drink bottle

·         Unbeatable for quickly making ready-to-go smoothie breakfasts for rush hour

·         Encourages healthier on-the-run eating and snacking at any time

·         The bottle fits the cup holders of practically all vehicles

·         Spill-proof sports-bottle style with flip-top lid

·         Compact base houses a powerful high-capacity motor

·         Plugs into a standard outlet


·         Blade material: stainless steel

·         Housing material: plastic

·         Function: dish-washer safe with a non-drip spout