Ten-Level Shoe Rack Holding 30 Pairs In Total




Collections: Personal Care

Product type: Health & Beauty

Vendor: Bdirect Shop


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  • Each rack fits up to 30 pairs of shoes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Great way to clear the floor space
  • Conveniently locates all shoes in one spot
  • Easy way to stay neat and organised

As cushions to every person’s feet, it’s not hard for man, woman or small child to amass a sky high compilation of pumps, but here we offer the perfect cure for a case of way too many shoes. Holding up to 30 pairs of shoes, goody two-shoes can become goody three, four or five shoes with this ten-level shoe rack. Like works of art hanging on walls, make clog collections the envy of the town by putting them on display for all to see.