Tail Waggers 40x36x28cm Heated Cat Snuggler -Brown

Tail Waggers 40x36x28cm Heated Cat Snuggler -Brown




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Product type: Bedding

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This comfortable heated cat snuggler by Tail Waggers supplies your pet with a low soothing heat source that is the ultimate in long lasting comfort and durability. Designed to a high standard, this heated pet bed features an orthopaedic foam core and quilted cushion top to provide your cat with many years of quality sleep. A great place for your loving cat to recharge, recover, relax and dream.


Heated cat snuggler / pet bed
Let your cat rest in luxury
Comforting low level heat to sooth your cat in the cold
Orthopaedic foam core
Soft and durable fleece fabric cover
Power adaptor includes on/off switch and indicator - safe for pets
Dimensions: 40cm x 36cm x 28cm
Brand: Tail Waggers
Package Contents

1 x Tail Waggers heated Cat Snuggler