Royal Comfort Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Twin Pack

Royal Comfort Mulberry Silk Pillow Case Twin Pack




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Say good bye to bed head! The Royal Comfort silk pillow cases have been crafted purposely to transform your Z’s into beauty sleep. Silk is gentle on your hair and delicate on the skin, essentially making you better looking in the morning.


The Mulberry Silk Pillow cases have the following benefits:


·         Reduces the amount of moisture absorbed from your face, leaving you fresher in the morning.

·         They don’t sweat. Silk breathes naturally regulating temperatures, this means a cooler pillow in summer.

·         Silk is hypoallergenic



The Colours:


·         White

·         Ivory

·         Charcoal

·         Silver


The Specs:


Size: 51x76cm

1 Side 100% Mulberry Silk, 1 side non slip material.