Rainbow Color LED Shower Head Light




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As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light. 
The light can change one color every 3 to 5 seconds so that the rainbow colors are showing gradually.
1.No battery needed, self water-powered with the built-in generating device.When the water flows down, the led will emit light instanyly and automatically.
2.The led eimts rainbow color light.
3.This product  is energy-saving (not only because they are no battery needed, but also because the led light is so bright that there is no need with any other lighting fixtures during the bath. ) and eco-friendly ( all the materials are pollution-free and do no harm to the human body, and have long life-span).
4.The product is water-saving, the regular working water out-let 4L~8.4L/ Minute.