Pyramid Outdoor Gas Patio Heater With Dancing Flame New 2014 Model




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Outdoor Patio Heater in Australia. Enjoy your outdoor living and dining all year round with the  Patio Heater. The stainless steel heater is modern and chic, and the flame is warm and inviting. Designed and manufactured to offer the ultimate in style and functionality, unlike other patio heaters, the  Gas Heater provides heat from the waist up heating the whole body. The  Gas Heater has been tested under strict conditions and is approved by the Australia Gas Association giving it full AGA approval. The  is suited to all weather conditions as the flame is protected by a quartz glass tube.

Be prepared to fall in love with the Garden Radiance "Dancing Flames" Outdoor Heater. This beautiful heater gives your patio an instant romantic feeling.

Unlike traditional patio heaters, the mesmerizing column of flames produces warmth across its entire lengths keeping the heat closer to you while you're sitting rather than only heating the area above your head.

It's unique pyramid design is like a piece of art for your yard, it combines form with functionality and will accent any patio with its beautiful lines. The pagoda shaped top spreads a diamond pattern of warm fire light all across your entire patio. The heart of this heater is a 4 foot tall ceramic glass tube. By simply turning the adjustment knob you can raise a column of flames that safety dances behind the mesh panels.

Don't let its good look fool you, this heater's all metal construction is tough enough to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it. The seamless stainless steel door on the front of the heater conceals the temperature controls, solid state push button Igniter, and a full sized 20 lb. propane tank. It will run about 10 hours on the highest heat setting with full tank of propane, but on its lower settings it will run substantially longer. Designed for safety and ease of use. Lighting it couldn't be easier, just turn the knob to the light position, push the igniter to start the pilot, than choose your heat setting.  It features an automatic safety tip-over valve that shuts the propane off in the event the heater is ever knocked over. The pyramid design has the added advantage of being better suited for windy areas, with its wide heavy base, small reflector cap and stream line grill work it is tends to be much more stable in higher winds than heaters with large reflectors on top.

 Whether it's for your home or business be sure to love this beautiful heater.

• Height 2210mm
• Weight 26kg
• Tilt auto shutoff protection
• Output 37500 BTU
• Quartz glass tube
• Stainless steel panels
• Wheels for easy relocating
• Battery Ignition
• Assembly Required
• LPG gas only
• Includes FREE Bonus Regulator
• Please note gas bottle not included, Designed to suit 9.5kg bottle