Power Jump Battery - Car Jump Start in Minutes




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Simply plug Power Jump Jumpstarter into your car’s accessory power socket. It Automatically transfers its power to the car battery using the internal wiring of the car. Wait 10 to 20 minutes and you’re ready to go!

Product Features:

Safe! Jumpstart Your Car without leaving the Driver’s Seat!

Charges Your Car’s Battery in 10 to 20 Minutes

Rechargeable – Use Again and Again – Just Reverse the Switch and in 25 to 90 minutes Your Power Jump Jumpstarter is Recharged for the Next Time!

For Use in Vehicles with 12v Electrical Systems

-          30V output capacity

-          Works on cars with 12V electrical supply

-          Works on both petrol or diesel powered cars

-          Works on 4,6 or 8 cylinder cars

-          Connects to cigarette lighter port of the car (12V outlet)

-          Energizes car battery in 10-15minutes

-          Does not requires any jumper cables

-          Small & compact to store in glove compartment

-          Comes in pre-charged, ready to use condition

-          Product charge can be maintained for up to 3years (even if not used)