Portable Ping Pong Table




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If you’ve always wanted a ping pong table but were short on space, here’s the perfect product. This bad boy comes with everything you need to get your competitive juices flowing and is portable, so when you humiliate your opponent you can take the table with you.


Have you ever wanted to be the envy of your friends? Well hone your skills with this amazing product and your friends will admire and adore you for years to come. The other sex will want you and the same sex will want to be you.


Maybe you have never been great at holding conversation dinner parties, WHO CARES! Now you don’t have to be interesting, bring this table to the party and everyone will like you anyway.


Other ideas, eat dinner on the table and then whoever wins the tournament cleans the dishes.


This product will truly change your life, make you more interesting and desirable, while also providing good quality, wholesome entertainment and may possibly get you out of doing dishes for the rest of your life. What are you waiting for get one now!!


Foldable Mini Tennis Table


2PCS Table tennis rackets

3PCS Table tennis ping pong balls

1PC Table tennis net

Table Size: 150cm x 67cm x 69cm

Material: MDF with Metal Leg