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The ECO Vacuum Sealer is an innovative Food Storage System designed to improve the life and freshness in the food you store.

It includes the unique hand-held ECO Vacuum Sealer that removes air from the ECO Vacuum Sealer Bags & comes with 3 x Medium (270 x 290 mm)

Storing food with the ECO Sealer Vacuum System helps to preserve the freshness, texture and appearance of foods.

The hand-held ECO Vacuum Sealer works with specially designed super strong ECO Vacuum Seal Bags, these bags have a Zipper Closure and Air Valve. Once air is removed, the ECO Vacuum Bag forms a tight seal around the food. This system virtually eliminates freezer burn during freezer storage, and helps preserve the flavour of food.

All you have to do is follow these very easy steps.

  • Just fill and seal the ECO Vacuum Sealer Bag as you would any zipper bag, it is important not to overfill as this will effect the quality of the seal.
  • Place the ECO Vacuum Sealer Bag flat on the counter making sure making sure there is no food pressing up against the Air Valve or zipper seal.
  • Press the ECO Vacuum Sealer Tip flat against the Air Valve.
  • Press the ON Button to remove air from the ECO Vacuum Sealer Bag.
  • Release ON Button when the ECO Vacuum Sealer Bag becomes tight around food.
  • As the ECO Vacuum Bag becomes tight around the food you will hear the ECO Vacuum Sealer change in sound this is also a good indication the seal is complete.

The ECO Vacuum Sealer and ECO Vacuum Food Bags are compact & more user-friendly and economical than conventional countertop vacuum sealer units.

Product Includes

  • ECO Vacuum Sealer