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What a genius product, we all know that there just is never enough room, especially hanging space...well the Deluxe Multi-Hanger takes care of that problem. Not enough room in the coat closet because of guests? Just picked up the cleaners? Guest room dont have proper closet? Solve all those problems with the well made Deluxe Multi-Hanger, plus its adjustable so you can choose how high you want it!!! When its not in use it has a folding mechanism that lets it fold easily. Multi Hanger shirt and garment hanger. Holds up to 66 hangers equivalent up to 60 lbs. Easy storage through folding mechanism. - Air-drying of shirts, dresses and pants. - As a hanger for freshly ironed garments. - To air out dresses. pants and jackets. - While packing a suitcase. - As a clothes hanger for guests. - On the balcony or in the garden. - Ideal for camping. - Many other uses.
Product Features
Deluxe version....2 Tiered....Space for up to 33 hangers on each tier for a total of 66 hangers!!!
Very well made, very sturdy.
Each arm fits up to 11 hangers; holds up to 60 lb
Both tiers are hight adjustable...Telescopic height adjustable from 50 to 60 inches.
Easy Storage through folding mechanism