Personal Safety Alarm Siren Saver




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A person is most likely to be attacked at night while walking to or 
from their car or home. This compact alarm easily attaches to your 
keys or clips to your purse or clothing so it’s always within reach. 
Many personal alarms can be difficult to use in a panic situation. 
This Panic Alarm features fast and simple “Squeeze and Scare” 
operation that allows you to quickly activate the alarm at the same 
time you grab the unit.
Important: Before the unit will operate, the plastic tab must be 
removed from the back. Once removed, discard the plastic tab.
• To activate the alarm, press both sides of the unit at the same time. 
 You do not have to continue to press the sides; once activated, 
 the alarm will continue to sound until turned off.
• To turn off the alarm press the circular button on the front of the unit.
To turn on the LED Light, press the circular button on the front of the unit. 
Release the button to turn off the light.
This unit requires three (3) LR44 button batteries (included). When the light 
or alarm appears weak, the batteries will need to be replaced. Use a small 
screw driver to remove the four screws on the back of the unit and insert the 
new batteries following the polarity diagram.