Pair of Stainless Steel 8GB USB Cufflinks




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Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas or simply looking to bring a sense of style into your office, recent developments in functional fashion may provide the answer…

Introducing a new kind of stylish technology: the USB cufflink. It is now entirely plausible to hold the cuffs of your shirt together, while carrying around up to 8GB of important documents and data in one simple gadget. The USB cufflink is an excellent addition to your work wear, bringing together an office staple and a stylish accessory. Leading versions of the product are ranging from plain and classic silver to bright and vibrant paisley patterns, so you won’t be sacrificing your style for practicality.


 the USB cufflink demonstrates a continuation of this response to society’s need for security ‘on the go’. Wearing your work and key information is perhaps the safest way to avoid losing it or falling victim to theft. You can also have the option of engraving your cufflinks with up to 8 characters on each. This not only adds the personalised touch, but also ensures that they will be returned to their rightful owner if they happen to be misplaced

These 0.75" x 0.625" cufflinks where ONE cufflink holds up to 8GB of flash drive information - so you can store all your important documents, pictures and videos! It literally will keep all your personal, important and urgent information right on your sleeves and right at your fingertips!