Neck Therapy Massager Instrument




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Neck therapy instrument complete solution for:
1.Neck pain,stiffness that gets worse over time
2.Pain,numbness or abnormal sensations in the shoulders,arms
3.Headaches,especially in the back of the head
4.Dizziness,loss of balance
5.Feel irritable and fatigue,disturbing sleep caused by cervical spondylosis

Product features:
1.Pillow traction
2.Electric pulse massage
3.Far infrared heating therapy
4.Vibration massage
5.Magnetic effect

Product Specification:
1.Designed by the body engineer, beauty & scientific, suit for the curve of the neck.
2.Far infrared heating,Electric Impulse,Vibration Massage,Magnetic Field combined to form a high proficient compound energy field.
3.Far infrared heating could dredge the blood vessels, animate blood and dispel the humidness. According to self needs and temperature circumstance to choose between the Low Heat & High Heat two degree.
4.Two different automatic compound therapy modes with 4 different manual therapy modes. Applicable to different needs of degree.
5.Six different vibration massage modes.
6.Embeded several health magnets to make magnetic therapy to the body acupoints,and balance the Yin & Yang of the body to improve the micro circulation.
7.Operated with controller, with LCD Screen,back light. Easy to operate and simple for using.

Technical specifications:
Name:Neck massager
Power:Instrument 6V DC≤6W Controller CR2032 Button Battery 3V DC
Electric Impulse frequency:1-1000Hz
Width of Electric Impulse:20-400us
Wave of electric impulse:Square Wave
Gift Box Size:248*228*75mm
Heating Temperature:+40°c~+48°c(Under the temperature of 25 celcius)