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This simple and elegant Pashmina scarf comes in stunning colours adding the perfect finishing touch to almost any outfit. This classic Pashmina scarf is not a trend item; they are a wardrobe must-have for all ladies. These graceful scarves are very lightweight and will be of use anytime you find yourself needing just a little extra warmth. An absolutely perfect piece to wear for any occasion, from casual to formal. You will feel as great as you look. Also, it's light weight and smooth feel makes it a scarf that can be worn all year round. The gift of this scarf is like a warm hug. We make it easy and affordable to liven up your wardrobe with stylish scarves. A few fashionable scarves from us can breathe new life into your entire wardrobe. Dimensions: 70cmsX180cms Weight :173g Availible in Black / Beige/ Light Gray / Pink /