Microwave Heatable Slippers and Scarf Set




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These microwave heated slippers will give the luxurious warmth and comfort that your feet deserve. While in bed or watching TV, they'll soothe your tired and aching tootsies each and every day.
Made from super-snuggly-soft polar fleece, Slippies are filled with wheat grains, top and bottom (so don't expect to be running a marathon in them) and they're fragranced with dried lavender flowers to aid relaxation. So you can hit the couch, put your feet up and let the natural healing properties of Slippies work their warming magic.
They're a godsend for rheumatism and arthritis sufferers, as well as any poor "soles" who have to tip toe across tiles in the winter!
After just a minute and a half in the microwave, Slippies stay warm for several hours and of course they can be reheated as often as you need them!..and guess what? They can even be frozen for use in easing sprains, bruising and swelling.
Put your best foot forward - get instant, blessed relief for your tortured tootsies – order your Slippies now!
This scarf is specially designed with pockets.  100% Buckwheat in hand pockets and neck.  You can put it in microwave to heat it up and it will keep your hands and neck warm for a long time.  And it is a fashionable scarf too so you can look good as well as feel good!
Keeps hands and neck warm
Washing machine safe and microwave safe
Comes with 2 hand pockets and 1 zip pocket
Neck buckwheat bag removable
Fashionable and stylish
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
100% Buckwheat in hand pockets and neck
Package Includes:
1 x Fashionable Buckwheat Cuddlee Scarf with Hand Pockets
1 x Microwave Heatable Slippers