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Why spend hours cooking and cleaning when you can enjoy a wonderful full-course meal in minutes? MaxStone Gourmet is the sensational ceramic crock-pot that cooks delicious gourmet meals in your microwave!

Cooking a good meal can take hours in the kitchen. And fast food is unhealthy. But MaxStone Gourmet prepares gourmet meals in less than 5 minutes!

Instead of the microwave drying out your food, it comes out moist and delicious every time. Succulent shrimp steams to perfection. Chicken turns out tender, juicy and filled with flavour.

And mmm...smell those warm cinnamon apples. They taste great right out of the pot or topped with ice cream for an amazing 5 star desert. And it tastes even better! Making breakfast is so easy: Just add eggs, ham and cheese, stir, cover and cook. Wow! A perfect fluffy omelette in just 2 minutes!

Want a quick snack? Mix your favourite cheeses, add salsa, stir and 2 minutes later you have a delicious nacho cheese dip that’s perfect for parties! Clay pot cooking has been revered for years for its incredible flavour and ability to preserve food’s nutrients. Now, MaxStone Gourmet gives you the same savoury clay pot cooking experience right in your microwave.



·         X1 Maxstone Gourmet

·         X1 Recipe Book




·         Non-stick ceramic surface

·         Easy and quick

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Infuse flavour into food

·         No need to use oil or fat