Eames Chair Replica

Eames Chair Replica




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Have you ever wanted to immerse yourself in sophistication but are too poor? Tired of looking through rich peoples windows late at night and watching their happy faces as the wriggle into their designer furniture. Well the jokes on them now!


Get your bum ready as a little piece of sophistication is now actually affordable. Those rich suckers will be burning they paid full price for a chair that is exactly the same except without the price tag.


This design was created in the 1950’s, and now we give the price of what it was in the 1950’s. This piece of opulent furniture, has an organic shape and sophisticated lines, with the streamlined "Eiffel Tower" wire base, its work anywhere—in the dining area, living room, heck… take it on the train in peak hour when you can’t find a seat.



Eames Chair Materials: PP material with wooden legs.


Erected Measurements:  50.5*46.5*83.5cm