All-In-One Electric Soup Maker and Baby Food Maker




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A fantastic Electric Soup Maker which now means it’s quick and easy to make homemade soup with the minimum amount of fuss. Simply add your ingredients then choose from either smooth or chunky soup settings and in as little as 15 to 25 minutes you will have delicious soup waiting for you! If your chunky soup is a bit too ‘chunky’ for your liking, use the ‘blend’ button to blend the soup to your perfect consistency – it really couldn’t be simpler. The Soup Maker is compact in design allowing for easy storage however has an ample 1 litre capacity. You don’t have to stop at soups, the Soup Maker is also ideal for baby food purees and cold drinks such as smoothies. It really couldn’t be simpler

 It has three automatic settings - puree, chunky and blend. Simply add your ingredients, 'Press and forget' and within 15-25 minutes, you'll have healthy, homemade soup.Cleaning is simple too, thanks to the removable jug. It also features an intelligent control system that prevents overspill.


Making gourmet soups and high-quality baby food at home used to be a time-consuming affair. Not anymore, thanks to this Electric Soup and Baby Food Maker. Now, instead of depending on store-bought soups that are made with too much fat and salt, or having to trust big food companies to make healthy and safe baby food, you can do it yourself – quickly and easily! It also features blending functions if you prefer your soups somewhere between smooth and chunky. Put your custom blend in serving-sized jars for baby, take it straight to the table, or freeze it for nutritious lunches to take to the office. 
This is not just a fancy blender. It has a heating element in the base, a range of heating adjustments, and a thermostat control so you can heat your soup while it’s being blended. It also has an overfill indicator to let you know when there is too much in the machine. 
Made to last in quality brushed stainless steel, the Electric Soup and Baby Food Maker looks great in your kitchen and makes taking care of your family so much easier. 
Key Features at a Glance:
Makes Chunky or Smooth Blends
Easy to Use
Blending Options 
Adjustable Heating Options
Thermostat Control
1 Litre Capacity
Overfill Indicator
Motorised Blending Lid