180 Piece Drawing/Colouring Kit

180 Piece Drawing/Colouring Kit




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Are you ready to express your creativity? Constantly being overlooked by management as you’re not creative enough? Well no more! BDirect is attacking the monotonous with a punch. Paint management a picture you flippin’ them the bird. Impress your partner by drawing stick figures in different colours. Show your child that they’re not the only one who can make a rad family portrait.


The 180 piece drawing/colouring kit includes all of the tools for a budding artist. Whether you’re buying for a child or for someone who likes to eat crayons, this bad boy has what you need.



180 Piece Drawing/Colouring Kit Contents:


- 36 Markers Pens

- 20 Coloured Pencils

- 40 Oil Pastels

- 20 Colour Markers

- 40 Crayons

- 12 Acrylic Colour Paints

- 1 Palette

- 1 Brush

- 1 Pencil

- 1 Eraser

- 1 Sharpener

- 1 Glue

- 1 Ruler

- 5 x Paper Clips