54 Piece Food Storage Set + BPA Free




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So here are the members of your new storage set, ready to move into your house:

  • 3x 32 ounce entrée containers and lids
  • 4x 25 ounce medium bowl containers and lids
  • 2x 8 ounce small bowls and lids
  • 1x 64 ounce deep dish containers and lids
  • 5x 24 ounce pasta and salad containers and lids
  • 8x 9 ounce snack pit containers and lids
  • 4x 25 ounce shallow dish containers and lids

A cull might be on the cards this autumn. It’s time to cast out those bottoms without lids and lids without bottoms. All of these containers match their lids perfectly and are easily stackable, so you don’t have to separate them!

Of course, if you prefer to keep lids and container separate, each container nests easily inside the other – like some kind of domestic Russian doll. Either way, they’re a must-have for an organised kitchen!

More seriously, this set is BPA free, which means it doesn’t harbour any nasty chemicals. It’s also safe to use in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. And because the containers aren’t particularly amorous, they’re safe to keep together in the cupboard without breeding!

Completely airtight, they’re great for storing food and keeping work and school lunches from spilling through briefcases and bags. And if you have knick-knacks or bits and pieces that equally seem to breed in junk drawers, this set is great for storing those too.

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